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Hei alle sammen!



We have a fun and interesting syllabus for 2019-2020.  So far we've had successful events as follows...


First in September we screened a Norwegian Film with English sub-titles.  


John Gilmour( University of Edinburgh) then kindly provided the Society with a summary of his research entitled "WWII Fact, Fiction or Friction".  See Past Events for a write-up on this talk.


Our highly popular Julebasar took place as usual in the Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church Hall, Saltoun St, Glasgow (off Byers Road).  This was on Saturday 16th November.   This Julebasar was an astounding success for both charities supported.


The Christmas Party followed in December and again it was a great success.


Some wonderful photographs taken at our Julebasar and Juletrefest events can also be accessed by clicking on the underlined links to each event , again from the Programme section of the website.  Or simply click on the links here...

Julebasar-2019 and Juletrefest-2019.


This year started off in January with our usual Musical Interlude conducted by our talented Vice-President, Thomas and enjoyed by all attending.


The 19th Oddveig Røsegg Memorial Lecture was held on the 14th February, 2020.  It was presented by a very talented Norwegian from Bergen - Espen Selvik, MSc, Historian, Conductor, Composer!  He described the origins of the Norwegian Democratic model which is believed to have originated close to Bergen.  A write up of his presentation will be appearing nder Past Events shortly.


In March we go north to hear about 3 trips - 1972, 1995 and 2016 - from Campbell Russell as he explored "North of the Artic Circle"!


I hope that whets your appetite.  We will of course, bring more details of the other events as they come closer.  


Don't forget to checkout Facebook or the rest of the website for dates and times of all these events!




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