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2019 CoScan AGM report by Mark Elliott - CoScan Chairman

By garrydirvine, Jun 2 2019 04:49PM

For this year's CoScan Annual General Meeting (26-28 April) we returned to Scotland, at the kind invitation of the Scottish Norwegian Society. Their home is Glasgow, but their choice of Stirling for our venue was inspired – an easily-accessible and beautiful town, and a key strategic and historical centre. 36 individuals representing 12 member societies took part, most of us staying in a fine historic hotel from which we could walk to the main sites and to our dinner restaurant.

The group dynamics worked from the start, with a welcome reception on the Friday evening followed by a collective but informal meal in the hotel. Saturday was a triumph for the organisers, unexpected sunshine adding charm to our tour of Stirling Castle in the morning, and a remarkably versatile actor/guide excelling himself at the Old Town Jail in the afternoon. The jail was fascinating in a flesh-creeping way, and some of us were bullied most effectively as inmates-for-the-day.

But the castle was spectacular. Our guide there was brilliant – clear and audible, hugely informative without being repetitive, with total mastery of a mass of historical detail. The site had been the focus of action at many of the key moments of Scottish history, and we were given a much clearer understanding of the roles played by William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, and of the conflicts and inter-relationships between the Scottish and English royal families. James IV, to whose time much of the castle's structure and renown can be dated, emerged as a truly remarkable and multi-talented individual.

The formal dinner that evening, and the AGM itself on Sunday morning, were again superbly arranged by Ragne Hopkins and her team from the SNS. They have earned the sincere thanks of us all. But the last word should go to CoScan itself. There is a lot going on. Eva Robards's decision to step down as Chairman at this meeting is a major event. But there were other issues to discuss; the International Award for this year, and a decision on the next recipient; the trust fund and its financing; our overseas trip for our 2020 AGM; our new Secretary. It all went very smoothly, and happily. We shall remember Stirling with great pleasure.

pp Mark Elliot - CoScan

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