Oddveig Røsegg Memorial Lecture


Oddveig Røsegg, in whose memory this annual lecture is held, was lecturer in Norwegian Language and Culture for 21 years at the University of Glasgow. For over thirty years she was a driving force in the Scottish Norwegian Society and popular member of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies.  Her contribution to the spread of Norwegian culture in Scotland was recognised by the award of the Medal of St. Olav in 1969.  


The 20th Oddveig Røsegg Memorial Lecture will be held in 2021.  Date & tie to be advised.  


The 20th Oddveig Røsegg Memorial Lecture:


Aethelflead and the Vikings

by Hostorian and Author Tim Clarkson


12th February, 2021

7.15 for 7.30 pm



Details available on registration.


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memorial lecture.