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Escaping southern Norway - 80 years ago

Friday 10th February 2023. This event was a Zoom-only event and was introduced by the following slides...

There were 17 boats and 90 young men that succeeded to reach Shetland Islands and the UK making the same voyage in similar wooden boats or yawls.

With a timeline of the film that was shown... the film was a one-off showing as it was still under an embargo until late Spring 2023.

After the film, the speakers - Tony Teigland and Jarle Foreland thanked the following businesses and collaborators for their time, and effort to make this film.

During the visit to Buckie in April 2022, the speakers also visited relatives of those who made the same journey back in the 1940s.

After the visit to Buckie, the group made their way to Aberdeen where more of the story came out... Finn Narvesen spent time in the Douglas Hotel in Aberdeen.

The talk ended with this slide that dedicated this talk to the many who were successful in their North Sea voyage and the 321 others that did not make it.

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