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Gunnar Bjercke - from Bergen to Bard!

Alison Reith was kind enough to acquire this very interesting speaker... a Norwegian actor born in Oslo, brought up in Berghen and is now acting in a Shakespeare play in Scotland.

Gunnar started with a "heartfelt" tune and song... when he started the whole audience joined in this family Norwegian-themed tune. He gave an overview of his life in Norway. Alison then took the stage and acted as the interviewer... she managed to get Gunnar to talk about his aspirations with lots of interesting facts... just proved that in Gunnar, there is a very interesting Norwegian actor who is set to go all the way. He finished his presentation by playing his guitar, which was appreciated by everyone.

The very best of luck to him... and thank you Alisdon for your searching questions which resulted in a lot of interesting facts.

Please note that this session was recorded with Zoom... not altogether successful but at least we have a record of this interesting event.

You can find photographs and two videos, here - Gunnar's presentation and his interview with Alison, followed by his guitar playing at the end.

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