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Venture Forth '23 - NMS Edinburgh Thursday 9th April, 2023

First, thank you for your support for today's Venture Forth. Sorry that Richard was not able to make it. Hopefully, the photo albums do not cause too much disappointment!

We had a nice tasty lunch in the Museum Kitchen, soon to be renamed "The Museum Bistro"

Around 2 PM we went to meet our gracious host, Dr Martin Goldberg. I think we would all agree that it was an excellent event made so much more special with his expert guidance.

His guidance was exceptional as Dr Goldberg turned up wearing a mask to protect us from his chest infection, which hit him just last night! His knowledge and expertise in so many areas added to another successful "Venture Forth" event.

SNS-Venture Forth - National Museum of Scotland - 20230406 The album, at the moment, does not have comments yet, so feel free to add comments.

With the usual busy Edinburgh, with roadworks all over the place, I decided to make an "Above Edinburgh" album... that is, a look at the tops and spirals of all the wonderful buildings. I have still to identify these buildings, so that will be a work in progress.

SNS Venture Forth - Edinburgh-above! As I went through the day, I also took some pictures of the views... particularly the ones from the top of the Scottish Museum building.

SNS-Venture Forth - Views 20230406

Garry Irvine/SNS-President

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