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                                                       Garry Irvine


Update: October 20th, 2023

Hei alle sammen... hello, everyone,


I'm feeling just fine these days... yes, I've just come back from a very enjoyable 3 weeks in Norway amongst family and friends.  This was the first time since Covid-19 struck the world in 2019.  Long overdue, of course, but such a pick-me-up, particularly at this time of year before whatever winter we get!

Autumn is my favourite time in Norway, and I suspect with many others too.  The luscious golden autumn colours of the mountains and valleys, and crystal clear calm fjords with stunning reflections...
















However, we have been working hard and arranged a program for the 2023-24 season. Click here to see what we've managed to arrange for the new season.  We have some excellent online talks and events planned... the talks will also be available via Zoom.  (BTW we are still trying to find the best formula for our Zoom talks.  Looks like we will need to get some proper audio equipment to make it more acceptable to our online audience.)


Zoom allows us to do so much more... if you are unable to get out, for whatever reason, you can still join our social gatherings.  Of course, you will miss out on the socialising and the delightful Norwegian cakes on offer.  

However, Zoom also means that friends and family who live in other parts of the world, can also join in and enjoy the talks.  
We plan to continue to use Zoom for those members who are either too remote to join or are unable to join for whatever reason!  So do encourage your friends and family interested in Norway to join in. We have a special low cost membership for online members.


This year, 2023 we held the 23rd Oddveig Røsegg lecture on the 16th of February on Zoom.  We were again fortunate to have some excellent speakers to talk about a re-enactment of "Escaping from Southern Norway - 80 years ago".  This was recorded and it is available to members.  Just email us at and we will send you a link to view the talk. 

The remainder of our last season was quite exciting with Author Tim Clarkson giving us more details of the Vikings, this time "The Norse Kings of the Isle of Man"... this was followed by a Venture Forth to the National Museum of Scotland.  There we were rather spoiled when Dr Martin Goldberg acted as our guide throughout the "Early Scotland" that led us up to the Viking Age and all their wonderful jewellery.  More information about this visit can be found here...


This year's 17. mai celebrations were particularly good with an excellent turn out form students, family and friends off Norway.   Again more information can be found here...   


We still plan to provide a write-up for each event which you will find in this website's blog... so if you missed any event browse to this Past Events page and enjoy catching up.


Our current season started as usual with a film night.  This time it was a semi-comedy called "Cool & Crazy"... "Cool & Crazy" - A men's choir from the small Norwegian fishing village of Berlevåg was asked to perform in the depressed Russian city of Murmansk.  Worth seeing - it is free on YouTube, so feel free...

Our last talk was planned to be about the Battle Of Largs, which we will be featuring when we can find a spot that suits everyone. But, as we know, that fell through and our long-term member, Alison Reith, kindly found Gunnar Bjercke to stand in.  An interesting evening that is again written up under Past Events. 

Some breaking news...On Sunday, we had a Norwegian Christmas Service held by Åshild & Arnstein of the Norwegian Seamen's Mission in Aberdeen.   This particular service is rather special as the children are being asked to dress up for Halloween! Parents and carers too - if you wish!   The Norwegian Family Group will also be meeting so do come along and join them... everyone is welcome - even if you don't speak Norwegian or English!

This year we have already started planning the Christmas Fair/Basar that we missed out on last year.  So keep creating those arts and crafts and if you can help with the setup PLEASE get in touch... here. 

We are also planning a Christmas Party with the Norwegian Family Group, for the children after the Norwegian Christmas Service on December 10th.  More details closer to the time.

Please keep checking this website and Facebook for any further developments.  


Stay safe and take care...





PS To view the references above, click-on the red text, and to see other pages on this website, simply click on the menu at the left.






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