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                                                       Garry Irvine


Update: December 10th, 2022

Hei alle sammen... hello, everyone,


The good news is that as the threat of Coronavirus diminishes (yes, it is still around) we have started our face-to-face events.  The first, most enjoyable event was our Venture Forth to Central Station in April.  The next one was our summer BBQ which is being held by one of the council members - it was very enjoyable and we may well continue that theme next year.  Do get in touch if you wish to join us... it is on the 24th June 2023.


However, we have worked hard and arranged a program for the 2022-2023 season. Click here to see what we've managed to arrange for the new season.  We have some excellent online talks and events planned... the talks will also be available via Zoom.  (BTW we apologise for the bad Zoom call at our talk about the Sørøya Rescue by Matt Drennan.)


Zoom allows us to do so much more... if you are unable to get out, for whatever reason, you can still join our social gatherings.  Of course, you will miss out on the socailising and the delightful Norwegian cakes on offer.  

However, Zoom also means that friends and family who live in other parts of the world, can also join in and enjoy the talks.  
We plan to continue to use Zoom for those members who are either too remote to join or are unable to join for whatever reason!  So do encourage your friends and family interested in Norway to join in. We have a special low cost membership for online members.


This year, 2022, we held the 21st Oddveig Røsegg lecture on the 16th of February on Zoom.  We were again fortunate to have an excellent speaker to talk to us about the Galloway Viking Hoard, Dr. Martin Golberg, the lead curator for Viking hoards from the National Museum of Scotland.  The hoard was found in Galloway in 2014, and the wealth of information that has been discovered since then from 3 layers of treasure, is astounding.  For those who missed the event, we recorded the session and it is available to members.  Just email us at and we will send you a link to view the talk. 

We started our new season in September with a film night when a group of us enjoyed Kon-Tiki... always great to see, even if you have seen it a few times already!  That was followed by a fascinating talk by Matt Drennan of the Neilston War Memorial Association.  He described in lots of detail the razed earth policy adopted by Hitler towards the end of WWII, and the resultant rescue of 500 Norwegians who had been forced to live in caves, under boats, and generally out of sight.  Our October Newsletter will tell you more and we are planning to add it to this website.  Again, watch for news via Facebook or here!

Our November talk was also pretty special wih a reenactment of arguable the most important mission against Nazi Germany, topically called The Heros of Telemark.  For a complete report see the Past Events section by clicking here... 

The latest news is that on Friday December 2nd, we had an excellent Christmas Dinner with some members and the full council present.  It was a great success, and we were honoured with the presence of one of our Honorary VPs there - Honorary Consul General of Norway, Professor Julian Jones and his wife, Professor Anita Jones. In addition, we also had the pleasure of the company of Sally Garden - Editor of the Scottish Norwegian Newsletter, and founder of the New Greig Society.  Some pictures can be found here...

On the following Sunday, we had a Norwegian Christmas Service held by Norwegian Seamen's Church Priest, Dag-Magnus Hopstock Havgar from London.  This traditional Norwegian service enjoyed lots of carol singing, as well the singing skills of Christy Ringrose and followed by a delightful Lucia parade by the children.  Coffee and cakes were then served - with waffles, of course -  to conclude an excellent Christmas service.  Pictures can be found here...

Our next event is on the 11th January, at our Musical In0terlude.  For that event, we will also be entertained, along with our own musicians, by Christy Ringrose.  This event will not be streamed online, but will be available later as a short film - check the Past Events page after the event.


Please keep checking this website and Facebook for any further developments.  


Stay safe and take care...





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