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The objectives of our Society are to promote and consolidate friendship and understanding between the Scottish and Norwegian peoples and to further cultural and other relationships between Scotland and Norway.



Full Members: approx. 65, Facebook Followers: 250



Founded in Dumfries in 1941 and triggerd by the many exiled Norwegians who lived and trained in the area during the War.  The present Scottish Norwegian Society (Glasgow) was formed in 1943 is the surviving branch of that original Society.


HM King Olav V became the Society's Patron in 1951 and was guest of honour at a Dinner in Glasgow in 1966 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Society's institution.  

HM King Harald V is an Honorary Member.  



Office Bearers



Garry Irvine


Vice President  

Ken Kristoffersen

Vice President

 Anneli Demberg


Honorary Secretary

Anny Carchrie

Honorary Treasurer

Jim Carchrie


Council Members

Anneli Demberg

Katherine Kelsey

Bill Færestrand

Floss Færestrand

Garry Irvine (Newsletter & Website Editor)


Honorary Member 

H.M. King Harald V of Norway

Honorary Vice President
Honorary General Consul for Norway - Prof Julian Jones

Honorary Vice President

Adam MacNaughtan

The cost of creating and maintaining this website

is covered by a kind legacy from 

ISABEL JAMIESON of Killearn, who died in 2008.

Our Society

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